Satoimo and leek potage, White runner bean potage


Satoimo aka Japanese taro is high in fiber and widely enjoyed in Japanese cuisine. This starchy root crop has a mild flavor with a hint of nuttiness, so it goes well with white miso which also has a nutty sweetness. This silky velvety potage is healthy, warming and utterly soul-satisfying!

Oh yay! Your illustrations always make me so happy Aya! I never know what to do with Taro, I'll use this idea next time I see it at the market. Thanks!
It makes me so happy to see more illustrated recipes by you! Can this sweet angel with her polka dot dress and striped leggings deliver me a big bowl for lunch? Love the sunshine yellows. My day is complete!
Thank you, Salli! Great to see you here again!! :) :) Of course, the angel girl can deliver you a huge bowl of the soup right away! :) :) :)