The Cincinnatian

Over the years Jeremy and I have enjoyed countless weekends in Cincinnati, especially around Christmas and New Year’s. Last year when we were unable to have our weekend getaways, we added a high top table to one corner of our living room. We jokingly called it the Cincinnatian. If we couldn't go to Cincy, Cincy would have to come to us. The nickname stuck!

As a Christmas gift, better late than never, I created a sign for this communal area of our home. The sign represents all the places that we love to visit while we are there; Memorial Hall, Music Hall, Museum Center, Roebling Bridge, Contemporary Art Museum, 21c Museum Hotel, & Cincinnati Art Museum. There are more, I just couldn't fit them into the Illustration. We're going to have it printed and framed and add it to Jeremy's collection of Cincinnati photographs,

Happy New Year everyone!

I love this Renee! Your line work and architectural renderings are perfect. This is such a fun celebration of a place you know and love. I've been to Cinci a few times, but next time, I'm going to refer to THIS guide! Midnight fries = the best!!!