Traditional Japanese Cuisine "NANAKUSAGAYU"


tokyo, JP


Traditional Japanese Cuisine
I drew a picture of "NANAKUSA GAYU"(rice gruel containing the seven plants of spring)
The seven plants porridge is eaten to rest the stomach weakened by the New Year's festive meals and celebratory sake.
It is also eaten to wish for good health and well-being for the year.
It is eaten on January 7th.
If you don't eat this salty and refreshing porridge
I feel uncomfortable.
Eating the seven plants of spring seems to have a traditional meaning of supplementing nutrients in winter, when vegetables tend to be scarce.

Nate Padavick

New York, NY, US

These colors are perfect. I feel better just by LOOKING at this illustration!
Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

This is so pretty! It looks so refreshing. I love this tradition. Thank you for sharing! I'm sorry I didn't see it until today :-(