Re-Charge! Into the Woods

Loo McNulty

Collingwood, Ontario, CA


When I am feeling low on energy or in need of some inspiration to renew myself I always head into the forest. When you are quiet and you look closely you will see the magic unfold and before you know it, music, dancing and laughter fill the air and all around life is suddenly bursting with celebration and possibilities! The forest always knows.

Allison Strine

Roswell, GA, US

Loo! Oh my gosh I’m blown away by the color and charm oozing out of this piece. You are a superstar!
Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

Loo!! I love that your re-charge illustration is ALSO a garden theme! We haven't even announced the official launch of our GARDEN collection here so you are way ahead of us :-) I am feeling so uplifted by the dancing and music and smiles!
Loo McNulty

Collingwood, Ontario, CA

Thank you Salli - I had so much fun with this piece - it really REALLY inspired me in new ways - thank you for the wonderful prompt! It is just what I needed on these long wintery days!!