Drinks from the class- Ginger and Bissap

Silvia Lisanti

Como, Lombardy, IT


As for the food, let's focus now on the beverage! This was also nother take on the recipes that were exchanged during the online lessons of the italian course for foreigners where I volunteer ( https://www.facebook.com/scuolaitalianoerba ).

Senegal is a very hot place, so it is common for people to prepare drinks with spices and fruits, store them in a cool place to sip them during the day or offer them to visitors. Ginger and Bissap Rosso (means "red" due to its color) are two examples we got to know better.

The main ingredients of the first one are ginger roots and pineapple juice. The second one is quite particular: it is made with hybiscus flowers' tea (in Italy the basic mixture is called also "Karkadè") along with sugar, orange flowers' exctracts and additional pieces of fruit, that you will add once the drink is ready (more specifically, strawberries and pineapples). It is also fine to drink a cup of warm Bissap too.

In Both recipes we can choose to add mint leaves, if we like the taste. Enjoy!

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

Ginger really is so refreshing! I love all of these flavors and combinations. Thank you for sharing!
Silvia Lisanti

Como, Lombardy, IT

Thanks Salli. I'm very fond of ginger roots too