The many names of the "Chiacchiera"

Silvia Lisanti

Como, Lombardy, IT


"Carnevale" in Italy is a celebration that is particularly enjoyed. In those days around febrarury, people disguise themselves for fun and eat tasty treats before starting the christian "Quaresima" (that is, a period in which you avoid meat and sweets untill Easter day).

One of the Carnival specialities that are cooked or sold in many bakeries and markets is the Chiacchiera: a sort of crunchy, sweet fried crust that happens to have many names, according to the region or the place where is made. In this illustration, I collected some of them: Crostòli, Frappe, Lattughe, Cioffe, Manzole, Bugie... It is incredible how a sweet you like so much can be called in so many ways!

Chiacchiere are made after a dough of flour, eggs and sugar, with the add of lemon peel to get a fruity aroma. Once the dough is ready, you have to roll it and cut some rectangular stripes. Then, everything goes in the boling oil: pay attention to do not keep them in it for too long, otherwise you burn them.

When they are ready, just add powdered sugar and... Buon appetito!

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

Tasty!! I like all of the names. I bet they smell so good when they are cooking in the oil!
Silvia Lisanti

Como, Lombardy, IT

Oh, yes! It makes your mouth watering :)