Now I've Had The Lime Of My Life

Sheila Delgado

Prescott Valley, AZ, US


And I owe it all to you!
I love limes! Limeade! Key Lime pie! Lime Jell-O! Lime popsicles! Lime infused water!
And what are guacamole, street tacos and posole without limes?
Available in my Spoonflower and Society6 shops.

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

Sheila you do realize that I will be humming this song for the rest of the day, right?!! Great pattern, I bet it will sell well on both sites! I love limes too.
Sheila Delgado

Prescott Valley, AZ, US

Right, me too! Haha. Happy creating to you Salli!