Guide To Obscure Cutlery

Ohn Mar Win

Hertfordshire, GB


From sardines to toast, specialized, specific silverware and cutlery for nearly every type of food was developed in the C19th. I have a fondness these items and the set featured here were painted from my own collection.

Alex Savakis

Concord, CA, US

Sardine server and fish knife, unusually specific. Shape of the ice cream spoon may bring pain for the pleasure ice cream provides. The trade off seems fair ;-) . I know I need a toast fork, butter pick and jam spoon for my breakfast. Beautiful work!
Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

What a GORGEOUS array of vintage utensils! LOVE the lace background texture. You captured the ornate beauty without getting fussy and stuffy :-). Such a beautiful shimmer and patina. Your collection (and illustration) is very impressive!
Ohn Mar Win

Hertfordshire, GB

Thanks so much Salli - I know its a very niche part of cooking/ eating but I just can't help myself, my collection keeps growing. Reflective surfaces, embossed details and with a historical slant - ticks all the boxes for me.