A Map of the Stars & the best places to see them (Winter Sky Edition)

Heather | H Miller Ink

Detroit, Michigan, US


This is my submission for the JIGSAW JAM.

My illustrated map puzzle concept features all 17 Winter Sky constellations and 10 spectacular locations to view them. I’ve also included facts and tips to find the constellations because locating some of them can be a fun challenge! I was envisioning this design as part of a series because there’s so much to see and learn about in our night sky. This is a sample of the Winter Sky edition. There could be additional extensions including the Spring, Summer, and Fall constellations, as well as, additional dreamy locations to view them.


Laredo, Texas, US

OMG! Heather hello!!! I recognize your profile pic from Mike lowery’s class! I love this map (and everything you’ve done honestly!!) this  is so amazing I am very into constellations and astrology and this is just beautiful and informative and I would love to see the complete series one day! Congratulations on your amazing work, you’re so talented and I admire your work process so much! Nice to see you around :) 
Much love, 
Leila :)
Heather | H Miller Ink

Detroit, Michigan, US

Oh my goodness LEILA hiiiiiii!! And WOW - your comments on my work and too kind (who's cutting onions??) and so appreciated, thanks for taking the time to respond to my submission. Are we already pals on IG? I'd love to connect and cheer ya on :)
Also, I see you're in Texas - and Big Bend is my top dream destination to stargaze (one day I hope!) Have you been there before?
Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

This is BRILLIANT!! What a fun concept made even MORE fun by your fabulous illustration style. I love the whimsy and playfulness. I would love assembling this puzzle!
Heather | H Miller Ink

Detroit, Michigan, US

Salli! Thanks so much for such kind remarks - they made my day <3 Really appreciated the brainstorming session that you all coordinated. It was so helpful and got my wheels spinning. It was nice to have a group be a part of that step in the process because, for most folks, including me, it's a solo production.