Jet Set Pets

Cynthia Jacquette

Los Angeles, California, US


A submission for the Jigsaw Jam. Ever wonder where your dog or cat has gone when you can't find them? A little known secret—they've gone on a sneaky vacation around the world! This puzzle concept is proof—it features the side of a vintage suitcase filled with pet-themed luggage labels from places around the globe such as Mew York City, Canine Islands and Hollywoof. Live vicariously through your wanderlust pet while putting together this puzzle!

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

Nate and I are both sitting here laughing at all if these! Too good! I love the suitcase format and your cute color palette. First stop on my list is Meowakesh then Cathens. Please let this become a puzzle!