Fall Festival Puzzle Concept

Cynthia Cliff

Fairfax, Virginia, US


This concept features the very many fall celebrations in the US. The puzzle would include 1-2 or more icons per state (depending on state size) and would include an eclectic mix of festivals so that the icons are interesting and diverse. Yes, there will be plenty of apples, pumpkins and fall leaves and colors, but there will also be tall ships, tacos, covered bridges, beer, renaissance fairs, and even a pickle fair. This could be a series concept of course! Winter, Spring and Summer festivals could each make interesting and fun puzzles.

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

I love summer best but now I cannot wait for autumn!! I love this mood board and your amazing puzzle sketch. Cynthia you are so good!! Moose Madness :-) Thanks for all of your brilliant Jigsaw Jam entries.