Grand Canyon Botanicals

Shelley Hanmo Qian

Indianapolis, Indiana, US


GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK is home to more than 600 species of wildflowers. This site-specific puzzle design celebrates a selection of 21 distinct and colorful botanical plants inside the Grand Canyon. The illustration will be made from hand-cut paper collage art. There will also be hand-cut lettering designs for plant names and the title of the illustrated puzzle. Please see the left side of the mood board for samples of the final style.

In addition, this puzzle design could be the starting point of a series of puzzle art presenting diverse botanical species throughout the national parks in the United States.

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

Shelley your cut paper collage technique with dessert blooms and botanical plants is A+++! Thanks for Jigsaw Jammin' with us.