CANADA map Bicycle Trail Adventure- $20K Jigsaw Jam

Anne Cote

Gatineau, Quebec, CA


MAP CONCEPT for $20K Jigsaw Jam

I want to represent for my first puzzle the map of Canada with its natural site and its selection of emblematic animals. Riding a bike is popular in Canada so I thought I would represent each province with a unique ID number for each so the customer could refer to the back of the box with a QR code showing each province's popular bike route and their national parks. EACH PROVINCE will get a bicycle icon.

A puzzle collection could be made by creating one puzzle by province and is QR code to the cycle path.

Jess Burbank

Bellevue, Washington, US

This is so pretty! I’ve always wanted to travel across Canada. 
Anne Cote

Gatineau, Quebec, CA

Thank you, Jess! I live on the Quebec side and we have a lot of bike roads by doing my research they even have bike roads in the top north of the country! Theirs a lot of outdoor trips to do 😁
Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

I totally want to bike around Canada! Great job capturing the outdoorsy vibe and iconography. Thanks for joining our Jigsaw Jam!
Anne Cote

Gatineau, Quebec, CA

Thank you, Salli! 
I always love sharing about illustrations with you and Nate ❤️