Mulled Pear and Apple Cider

Allie Gibson

Auckland, North Shore, NZ


Mid winter arrives in New Zealand in mid June and for those of us who have migrated south from the northern hemisphere, it can feel a little bleak without all the tinsel and fairy lights that we're accustomed to leading up to the winter holidays in December, so we often have a Mid Winter Festival at this time of year with all the trimmings.
This is a heartwarming recipe to curl up with in front of a log fire on those chilly winter evenings.

Anastasia Belan

Kyiv, Ukraine, UA

So good! I love it! 
Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

Allie your illustrations just keep getting better and better! I love everything nestled around the apple cider jars. So fragrant!!
Allie Gibson

Auckland, North Shore, NZ

Thanks so much Salli - you’re super kind and motivational ;o)