Girl Dinner

Annelein Beukenkamp

Burlington, VT, US


Here is my illustrated impression of a yummy and colorful “girl dinner”.

"Girl Dinner" swept across social media after my niece Olivia Maher shared a video showing her favorite style of eating that satisfies all cravings with minimal effort and cleanup.

"Girl Dinner" is a low-maintenance meal made up of whatever a person wants to have for dinner - typically a collection of snacks, side dishes, and small portions that satisfy the exact cravings of the eater and fills them up without presenting as a standard meal.

The 2023 trend has over 1 billion views across the internet as women and people gathered behind the new term Olivia coined for the style of eating we all indulge in from time to time

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

AH!! Your niece is brilliant! I do love a girl dinner myself :-) I love that you're continuing to share the trend with your amazing illustration!
Annelein Beukenkamp

Burlington, VT, US

Thanks Salli! It’s been quite the fun whirlwind with a NY Times article, a Today show appearance and many other publications and mentions for my niece. Being an artist I had to capture the trend as an illustration! 🧀🥚🥜🥖🥕🥨🧈🫒🍽️