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We asked the community to create an illustration that celebrates Greece—its scenery and “cuisinery!”

An outpouring of love for all-things-Greek can be seen in the 95 food-focused and 52 travel-themed illustrations that were submitted to this PLAY ALONG illustration party. What a display of talent! Not only did we see many beautifully illustrated maps and recipes, but also street scenes, landscapes, infographics, table settings, and a few remarkable mash-ups that contained a little bit of everything.

It's never easy to pick "favorites," especially when the overall level of quality, brilliance, and talent is so high. The 24 illustrations featured below are just a sample of those that caught our eye for various reasons.

Thankfully, we have the opportunity to feature even more illustrations—100!—in our forthcoming book It's All Greek To Me: 100 Illustrations that Celebrate Greece. See below for a list of illustrators whose work will be published in this new book.

We thank all the members of this community for playing along!

12 Food-focused Favorites

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Fried Anchovies in Santorini 
by Mrudula Divekar

The backdrop for this recipe is so dreamy, vibrant, and fresh! We love the tone-on-tone tile patterns in the background and the gorgeous view of Santorini at sunset.

Yiaourti Me Meli
by ShaliniSoniMazumdar

Not only is this a super delicious recipe but the presentation is so authentic. The menu leaning on the woven chair is exactly what you might see while strolling through a Greek neighborhood. The golden honey and walnuts are perfect!

Sartheles Psites: Baked Sardines 
by Mary Mastren-Williams

Brava on a brilliant use of our horizontal format! This is such a fresh layout and playful illustration. We like the lemon nestled in the mouth of the fish—such a fun and smart little detail.

A Salad and Goats. Mostly Goats 
by Olga Akbarova

This is anything but an ordinary salad! How clever to include these cute goats hanging out in the trees. This is a fabulous example of how an illustration can really add tons of fun to a recipe. The bite taken out of the “C” is a great touch. Olga told us that Greece is home to over 5 million goats! We're glad to see a few featured in this awesome illustration.

Take a Dip into Greek Food 
by Mellifera Paper

This is the perfect title to showcase all of these delicious Greek dishes. This illustration feels like a little vacation to the Greek Isles. It’s playful and flavorful...and that color palette!! So great, right?

What's Up With That Cup? 
by Cynthia Jacquette

We have always wondered how these cups came to be so iconic to New York City! Thanks to Cynthia for doing the research and sharing the backstory. Super fun lettering and illustration!

by Patricia Lebedel

This illustration truly captures Greek history and culture and—let's face it—it is just super cool! We love the layering of food, scenery, and iconography. The crisp blue and white palette is idyllic.

Greek Roasted Potatoes 
by Claire Le Moing

We can’t get to the store quick enough to buy all of these ingredients and make this recipe! If only we could enjoy it while overlooking the Mediterranean. Such a scrumptious illustration! Wouldn't you love to have a cookbook completely illustrated in this technique? We sure would!

Anchovies in Lemon Sauce 
by Cornelia Duemling

Fantastic job with the lettering! We love the butter curls and iridescent sardines. We’re feeling all the Greek vibes here with the meandering border and watery-blue background!

Stuffed Zucchini Flowers 
by nataliaoro

This is one very smartly-designed illustrated recipe! We love the decorative quality and the symmetry. We think this would make a great style for an illustrated Greek cookbook!

Greek Festival Foods 
by Alex Savakis

We can’t wait for the next Greek festival in our neighborhood. We can almost hear the music and smell the delicious foods coming from all of the stalls. There are so many great borders, flourishes, and decorative elements in this illustration. Opa!

It's Time to Mezze! 

What a great celebration of Greek foods! This creative illustration serves up the very best of Greece. We love  the architectural bits, awesome lettering and step-by-step description.’s vegetarian! We wish we had a seat at this mezze tasting table.

12 Travel-themed Favorites

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It's All Greek To Me 
by Sandra Jessop

We are very impressed by Sandra's ability to capture the lay of the land. Due to the thousands of islands that comprise this country, it's really a tricky place to visualize. This birds-eye view helps a lot! Sandra told us that the background was painted by hand with watercolors and the text was applied in Procreate. A beautiful mash-up of analog and digital!

Crete: Villa Sarah 
by Sarah Ward

Sarah has all the bases covered! We know where to stay, what to see, what to eat, what to do. Sarah told us that her family has been visiting this area for years, so it's super nice to have an inside scoop on her time-tested traditions. Plus, that cute little goat!

Athens, Greece: Walking Tour 
by Tammy Chew

We love that Tammy took a day away from the beach to discover the delights of Athens! Her itinerary has a little bit of everything: culture, history, food, and a bit of shopping. As long-time fans of Tammy, we love her style and choice of colors and iconography. Great design and lettering skills too!

Coast of Mykonos 
by Rebecca Santo

Look at this scene—so peaceful and calm. It's hard to believe—while looking at this illustration—that Mykonos is also known for its after-dark party scene! We'll glady take a seat at this table in the early morning and watch the revelers dance home from all-night escapades!

Harvest from the Tree of Life 
by Evangelia Philippidis

This illustration really is a work of art. Evangelia infused it with not only a sense of place, but also history, culture, and appreciation for Greek's iconic fruit: the almighty olive! Evangelia told us that this illustration is inspired by her own actual childhood memories of the olive harvest in Kalamata! (We did not know this was a city!)

You Can't Beat Crete! 
by Sophie Kittredge

Sophie is a premier mapmaker and her map of Crete contains all the elements we love to see in her map illustrations: fun iconography, great colors, beautiful textures, a handful of facts, and geographic specificity. Plus, this map has a cameo appearance by Zeus himself!

Assos, Greece 
by Jessie Burch

Ahhhhh, can we just be zapped into this pristine scene right now? That little isthmus of land looks like the perfect spot. We love the depth of this illustration—the flowers in the foreground, the village in the middleground, and the mountainous island in the background.

Santorini, Greece: The Day Dream Vacay 
by Sarah Dostie

Fun iconography, check. Creative layout, check. Sweet color palette, check. Legible typography, check. Makes us want to visit, check, check, check!!

Lion sculptures in Greece (My Favourites...) 
by Sara Tassan Mazzocco

Now this would be an amazing scavenger hunt, right? What a fun idea.

Crete—My Eat & Travel Diary 
by Sandra Neuditschko

What more can we say...we simply love everything that Sandra illustrates. Her eye for color is on-the-mark! The way she plays with scale is super fun—look at that huge mountain of moussaka! And the subtle textures...perfecto.

Santorini, Greece 
by NooneyArt Designs

The island of Santorini couldn't have paid for a better advertisement than this watercolor magic by Wendy Nooney. The bougainvillea border is the perfect finishing touch!

Solo Travel to Greece 
by Lisa Wee

This illustration makes us smile from ear to ear. Lisa tells us that travelers who go on solo adventures often talk about how empowered they feel when they return from a trip. This fun characters look like they're having a great time!


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