Anyone can submit an illustration to THEY DRAW!

Currently, we are accepting illustrations that are either food-focused or travel-themed. All the illustrations on THEY DRAW are the same size.

Working on paper?
 Create a 16.66 x 6.25 inch canvas
Print this template as a guide (download)
 Scan your illustration as a 300 dpi RGB JPG
Most copy shops will scan for you

Working digitally?
Create a 5000 x 1875 artboard at 72 dpi
Use this AI template (download)
Use this Procreate template (download)
Export your illustration as an RGB JPG

Things We Love to See in an Illustration
 Hand-drawn typography
 Original layouts
 Fun iconography
 Unique themes and clever ideas


PLAY ALONG is an ongoing series of theme-based prompts created to get you started on your next great illustration. And YES, you may submit multiple illustrations!

Jan 1 - Feb 28, 2022


Where do you go to rejuvenate? What do you eat to energize?

Start the new year off right with healthy and positive illustrations. Here are some things to think about:
 do you have a super healthy recipe to share?
 what foods give you energy and make you feel good?
 where do you go to re-energize?
 what place gives you a sense of renewal?
 how do you re-charge you creative batteries?  
 where does your energy come from?
 the possibilities are endless!!!

Format: see file requirements at the top of this page

★ A Curated Gallery: Nate & Salli will pick 24 illustrations to be permantently installed in a Curated Gallery exhibition and shared in a newsletter  and a series of Instagram posts.

✔ Eligibility: Anyone can play along! 

When you're ready, submit your illustration!

Ongoing, Any Time!

Food or Travel

Create any food-themed or travel-related illustration!

Browse our archive for inspiration.

Do you love to draw? And cook? And travel?!
Anyone can play along on THEY DRAW by creating and submitting an illustrated recipe, illustrated map, or any food-themed or travel-inspired illustrations!

Format: see file requirements at the top of this page

✔ Eligibility: Anyone can play along! Illustrations created by members of our Illustrator's Circle (learn more) are considered first for sharing in Featured Collections, Instagram posts, and publications.

When you're ready, submit your illustration!


Nov 5 - Dec 22, 2021

Feeling Festive

Celebrate the holiday season with a festive illustration!

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★ Visit the Curated Gallery

Aug 20 - Sep 24, 2021

A to Z

Illustrate the alphabet—lovely letters, terrific text!

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★ Visit the Curated Gallery

May 19 - Jun 30, 2021

It's All Greek to Me!

Create an illustration that celebrates Greece—its scenery and

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★ Visit the Curated Gallery

★ 100 Picked for Publication: Nate & Salli's top 100 Faves were published in compendium of awesome illustration. Buy a copy.

Jul 9 - Aug 13, 2021

Chill Out!

Create an illustration that keeps you cool!

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★ Visit the Curated Gallery

Mar 15 - May 15, 2021

Your Happy Meal!

Illustrate a meal that makes you happy!

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Oct 1 - 29, 2021

Scary Great

Spooky spots and frightening foods!

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★ Visit the Curated Gallery

Mar 15 - May 15, 2021

Your Happy Place!

Illustrate a place that makes you happy!

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