P is for Pretzels

The idea for this illustration came from the last Learn Along where pretzels were discussed as well as being a drawing subject. Everyone has their favorites but in my humble opinion, I feel that growing up in Philadelphia makes me more of a connoisseur, because nothing beats a good Philly pretzel fresh from the oven. A little mustard, or in my case, a LOT of spicy brown mustard, and you're good to go. Except maybe Lore's Chocolate Covered Pretzels, yum!

This is the best Gina! Great looking infographic!
I love ALL the pretzels, even the gluten-free ones :-). Ever since our drawing session with Jennifer I've been craving pretzels more than usual. Now I'm REALLY craving a soft pretzel with mustard :-). Thanks for bringing pretzels to our Play Along!