Port St Lucie/Lake Placid, Florida based Fine Artist and Illustrator originally from Philadelphia. I have been drawing since I was in the 7th grade and it all started with a shark.

I had to do a book report for Kon-Tiki. I wanted to draw a shark to illustrate a scene in my book report so I pulled out an encyclopedia and looked up sharks. I found a good example, looked at the shark and just drew what I saw. No one showed me how to draw the shark and I didn’t realize I was doing anything exceptional. I just needed a shark for my book report. From the way my mother and the nuns reacted, you would have thought I illustrated the Sistine Chapel.

I enjoy sketching the world around me but I especially enjoy illustration. It’s something I have always wanted to do. My childhood heroes were illustrators like Norman Rockwell, Wesley Dennis, Beatrix Potter and CW Anderson. I love creating a visual imaginary place or story. You can find my sketches and creations on Facebook, Twitter, SKTCHY, Instagram and Tumblr.

My Illustrations