Juicy Gems Salad

A bright salad made of mixed greens and citrus segments (grapefruit, oranges), dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice with a touch of salt and pepper and topped off with crunchy toasted pumpkin seeds or pistachio nuts and savory, salty feta crumbles.

Michelle Goggins

Ennis, MT, US

Such a pretty illustration, Giao! This salad sounds and looks delicious! 

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

This is a juicy gem of an illustration!!!! So delicious. I just learned that adding citrus to your meal helps your body absorb the iron better so this is PERFECT!
Thanks so much, Salli!! I think I was told to take iron with OJ after I had my last baby, so that makes sense! It’s such a tasty way to add brightness to a salad!