Miso-Orange Grilled Salmon ~ an easy Japanese recipe with only 5 ingredients ~

Yoko Baum

Portland, Oregon, US


Recipe Font : Nate's CHALK
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Inspired by Saikyo-yaki , but I wanted the ingredients to be simple and familiar for everyone. This recipe doesn't need 6 or 8 kinds of mystery condiments which look all same (and they sit in your pantry unused - the same thing happened at my place) . Miso paste, Orange marmalade, Sake (Japanese rice wine) - they are main ingredients for marinade. I picked salmon this time and you also can use white fish, like cod or mackerel.

Salli S. Swindell

Hudson, OH, US

SOOOOO yummy! LOVE the little team boost :-). Gorgeous colors and textures! Nice use of Nate's Chalk font too.