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Members of our Illustrator's Circle are the backbone of this community. They play along and engage with Nate, Salli, and their friends on THEY DRAW

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 Invited to PLAY ALONG, a series of contests, challenges, and calls-for-content 

 Invited to DRAW ALONG, a series of real-time Zoom events hosted by Nate & Salli 

 Receive LEARN ALONG emails, a series of illustration tips from Nate & Salli 

Receive 27 fonts by Nate & Salli

Illustrations from the Illustrator's Circle are considered first for Featured Collection and publication in books


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Patrons help build an exciting future for THEY DRAW. They can be silent partners who financially support our efforts or active advisors who collaboratively act as guides. 

All the Illustrator's Circle benefits plus...

Curate a gallery of illustrations named after you

Acknowledgement on a Patron page and in future publications

Eligible to be a PLAY ALONG judge and consult on future themes

Participate in future-focused brainstorm sessions with Nate & Salli

Engagement and anonymity is optional

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Anyone can submit illustrations to THEY DRAW for free. It's is a great place for illustrators to broaden their creative horizons and develop their drawing skills. 

Submit illustrations at any time

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Our Vision

We are taking THEY DRAW to a higher level—to become a creative playground of illustration that is even more engaging and more interactive. 


 Additional sizes! Likes squares and circles
 One site! A single creative playground
 New themes! Like gardens and pets
 Better features! More ways to showcase
 More collaboration!  Draw Along Zooms
 More instruction! Learn Along emails
 More inspiration! Play Along prompts


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